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About the company

DoctorDirect.com is a secure and easy-to-use web application developed with the Microsoft .net framework (asp.net C#) that lets patients book their medical appointments with their Health Care Professionals through the Internet. Patients can book appointments with physicians who use the stand-alone version of our scheduler as well as with physicians using an EMR that is connected to our system. Started in 2005, the DocteurDirect.com solution was launched in 2008 after several years of planning and development by Health Care Professionals keeping all the components of scheduling practices in mind.

DoctorDirect.com Inc. is a private company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


In 2007, Dr. Brian Morris along with a group of knowledgeable and committed investors formed a company in order to develop a web based project whereby:

  • Patients would be empowered to arrange their own appointments with their doctors using the Internet.
  • Patients would be able to find a new doctor accepting new patients.
  • Semi urgent cases could be seen in Doctors’ offices rather than waiting endlessly in emergency departments.
  • Newly graduated physicians could begin to fill their agendas allowing patients who don’t have a physician to obtain a family doctor in a timely manner.
  • Health Care Professionals and their staff could save time from administrative scheduling tasks and concentrate more on essential patient services.

The goal of this project was to find an appropriate use of technology to improve the health care system.


Using the research and planning carried out by Health Care Professionals and secretarial staff while keeping in mind all the components of scheduling practices, the DoctorDirect solution was developed.


When the DoctorDirect scheduling system was developed in 2007, Dr. Morris was the first physician to install the software in his office in Westmount in order to test it fully before going to market. During the 2 years of its testing phase the system was consistently upgraded using feedback from both patients and clinic staff. A billing system interfaced with RAMQ and a local invoicing system was also made available during the testing phase.


The DoctorDirect scheduling system was presented to the Collège des Médecins du Québec as well as to the Féderation des Médecins Spécialistes du Québec. Later it was presented at numerous doctors’ conferences and IT trade shows across Quebec.

DoctorDirect successfully partnered with KinLogix, by intefacing with its EMR to provide doctors the combined benefits of both products. In 2010 DoctorDirect finished a pilot project, which offered the software free of charge for the first 30 physicians who signed up for the system. As of now DoctorDirect is a complete product, which has been thoroughly tested and is fully secure. With more than 100,000 patients registered, DoctorDirect has been successful in delivering all the benefits that it promised.



2007 – Dr. Morris idea turns into project; scheduling system is developed.

2008 – Pilot project commences in office of Dr. Brian Morris.

2009 – 30 HPCs join the pilot project.

2010 – Pilot project is completed.

2011 – Interface and integration capabilities with EMRs; Partnership with TELUS Health.

2012 – CHI project commences with 6 designated clinics in Quebec (approx. 60HCPs).

2013 – Goal of 500 HCPs and 500 000 patients registered; launch of DDI 2.0.

2014 – Goal of 1000 HPCs and 1 million patients using DDI services.

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