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About the company

DoctorDirect.com is a secure and easy-to-use web application developed with the Microsoft .net framework (asp.net C#) that lets patients book their medical appointments with their Health Care Professionals through the Internet. Patients can book appointments with physicians who use the stand-alone version of our scheduler as well as with physicians using an EMR that is connected to our system. Started in 2005, the DocteurDirect.com solution was launched in 2008 after several years of planning and development by Health Care Professionals keeping all the components of scheduling practices in mind. DoctorDirect.com is a company based in Montreal and led by Dr. Brian Morris, a urologist practicing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


In 2005, Dr. Brian Morris along with a group of knowledgeable and committed investors formed a company in order to develop a web based project whereby:

  • Patients would be empowered to arrange their own appointments with their doctors using the Internet.
  • Patients would be able to find a new doctor accepting new patients.
  • Semi urgent cases could be seen in Doctors’ offices rather than waiting endlessly in emergency departments.
  • Newly graduated physicians could begin to fill their agendas allowing patients who don’t have a physician to obtain a family doctor in a timely manner.
  • Health Care Professionals and their staff could save time from administrative scheduling tasks and concentrate more on essential patient services.

The goal of this project was to find an appropriate use of technology to improve the health care system.


Using the research and planning carried out by Health Care Professionals and secretarial staff while keeping in mind all the components of scheduling practices, the DoctorDirect solution was developed.


When the DoctorDirect scheduling system was developed in 2007, Dr. Morris was the first physician to install the software in his office in Westmount in order to test it fully before going to market. During the 2 years of its testing phase the system was consistently upgraded using feedback from both patients and clinic staff. A billing system interfaced with RAMQ and a local invoicing system was also made available during the testing phase.


The DoctorDirect scheduling system was presented to the Collège des Médecins du Québec as well as to the Féderation des Médecins Spécialistes du Québec. Later it was presented at numerous doctors’ conferences and IT trade shows across Quebec.

DoctorDirect successfully partnered with KinLogix, by intefacing with its EMR to provide doctors the combined benefits of both products. In 2010 DoctorDirect finished a pilot project, which offered the software free of charge for the first 30 physicians who signed up for the system. As of now DoctorDirect is a complete product, which has been thoroughly tested and is fully secure. With more than 100,000 patients registered, DoctorDirect has been successful in delivering all the benefits that it promised.

Message from the CEO

5 years ago I took a critical look at the Canadian Medical System as well as my private practice. I came to the conclusion that in spite of the fact that we have excellent and dedicated doctors, there appeared to be a widespread problem of access to medical care. Many patients were without a family physician. Others waited long periods to see a specialist forcing them to seek help via the emergency department at a local hospital.
In my own office I realized that my secretary spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone, booking appointments and confirming the appointments for the next day. I also realized that if an appointment was cancelled at the last minute, I had no way of filling the space with another patient without having my secretary call a number of patients.
I set about to address these problems by developing a web-based appointment system for physicians and patients. Given the fact that one can book an airline ticket, a hotel or a restaurant online, I saw no reason why a patient could not book an appointment with a doctor in the same manner. My sole goal in developing DoctorDirect was to improve access to medical care, which became our motto. Not only can patients book an appointment with their physician, they can also find a doctor who is taking on new patients, in a timely manner. New physicians can begin registering patients even before their graduation. We are currently looking to broadening our horizons by offering this service to nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists, as well as other para medical professions.

Brian Morris M.D., CEO DoctorDirect

Board of directors

The Company has influential and well known health community and business leaders amongst its founders, shareholders and directors.

Dr. Kamal Mekhael – Chairman of the Board

Dr. Mekhael is a Financial Planner and Chartered Broker. He is president of his own financial services firm. Prior to his business career, Dr. Mekhael obtained his Ph.D. in pharmacy from the Bio-pharmaceutical Centre of Geneva University in Switzerland followed by Post-Doctoral work and teaching experience at both McGill University and Concordia University . Dr. Mekhael possesses extensive experience in the bio-pharmaceutical industry as well as the financial services domain.

Dr. Brian Morris – President and CEO

Dr. Morris graduated from McGill with a B.Sc. in 1970 and a Doctorat en Médecine from Université de Reims, France, in 1977. Following an internship at Memorial University, Newfoundland, he did a residency in urology at McGill. He was a lecturer at McGill and does clinical teaching at St. Mary’s Hospital. He was a consultant urologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital until its closing and he currently operates at St. Mary’s Hospital. Dr. Morris has also an office practice at the Westmount Medical Building. He has participated in numerous research projects and is a member of the following associations: CMA, QMA, CUA, QUA, EUA, CMPA, FMSQ, CUOG, and SIU. He is Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He is consultant at the Commission de la Santé et de la Sécurité du Travail (CSST) and at the law firm McCarthy Tétreault.

Roberto Bellini – Member of the Board

Mr. Bellini currently serves as the President and CEO of BELLUS Health Inc. – a development-focused health company concentrating on the development of products that provide innovative health solutions and address critical unmet medical needs. Prior to 2010, Mr. Bellini oversaw the licensing and partnering activities of BELLUS Health Inc. Mr. Bellini’s experience includes responsibility for the investment and operational activities of Picchio Pharma Inc., a joint venture healthcare investment firm owned by FMRC Family Trust and Power Technology Investment Corporation. He was also an assistant to the CEO at Adaltis Inc, an in-vitro diagnostics company. He is a sitting member of the Board of Directors of Thallion Pharmaceuticals Inc. and BELLUS Health Inc.
Mr. Bellini holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from McGill University.

Dr. Shatha Al-Musawi – Member of the Board

Dr Al-Musawi graduated in general medicine from the 2nd Moscow State Pirogov Medical Institute. She then specialised in rheumatology at the Institute of Rheumatology Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, where she received her master’s degree. Dr Al-Musawi also holds a doctorate in medicine, awarded by the Council of the Institute of Rheumatology, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

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