25% more patients per day
30% lower administration costs
65% of appointments are booked online by patients in Year 1
80% reduction of patient no-show rate
100% Health Care Professionals retention since 2009


Increase practice efficiency

Simple, fast, easy

Simple, fast, easy

Book from anywhere

You control your schedule

Access Schedule

The system is fully flexible

Book on your convenience

Patients never miss an appointment

Open your clinic 24/7. 

Manage your clinic from anywhere.


% of patient adoption after two years At least 25% of active patients self-schedule their appointments online.
Reduction in administrative work 20% reduction in clerical staff work

  • Patients don’t call the office as often to book appointments.
  • Secretaries are not obliged to call patients to confirm their appointments.
  • Secretaries are not obliged to inform patients in order to inform them of a cancelation of an appointment.
Increased patient care Secretaries can spend more time on patient care.
Reduction of “no-shows” A decrease from 10% to 2% due to automatic appointment reminders
Increase in number of patients per day A 10% increase due to schedule optimization.
Cancelled appointments by patients can be rebooked by a new patient as soon as it becomes available.
Average number of appointment reminder calls 400 Calls/Physician/Month
Overbooking Decrease in over booking due to schedule optimization.
Access to the system. Physicians can reserve a fixed number of slots per day for new patients. Patients can then browse and find physicians taking on new patients and book an appointment directly.
System flexibility A physician can use one booking system to manage his appointments even if he works in more than one clinic.
Single System All appointments for all locations can be managed through a single patient self-scheduling system.
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