Doctor Testimonial

DoctorDirect.com has changed my day to day professional urology practice. Not a day passes by when a patient doesn’t compliment me on how great the system is, and how they wish that all doctors’ offices managed their appointments with DDI’s online system.

My secretaries love the flexibility. They spend far less time chasing down patients to make appointments, and more time with more important work. Any patient with online access and minimal computer skills can make and modify their own appointments 24 hours per day. Our patients even get a reminder by phone and/or email, as per their choice. It has saved us considerable time and money by reducing human resource needs.

As a company, Doctor Direct has always stood by our side and responded to our needs. We are a group of 3 specialists with varying scheduling needs. DDI was instrumental in setting up our custom built schedules 4 years ago. After the initial setup, contact with DDI has been minimal but very fast and efficient. When we have had a technical question, it was always answered to our satisfaction.

I enjoy having web-based access to my entire schedule with the click of a mouse. As well, I have been able to pull data with ease for research purposes.

I can say without hesitation that I highly recommend DoctorDirect.com. I wish the system had been around when I started my practice 17 years ago.

David Eiley, MD, Urologist
Pointe Claire, Quebec

Our family medicine group of five physicians has been using DD for the last two years. It is a very comprehensive web-based appointment software program that enables our patients to book appointments online according to parameters that we have predetermined. They receive e-mail and/or voicemail reminders 48 hours before their appointment. No shows have dramatically been reduced and our secretaries are more available to attend to office work rather than spend time on the phone. Our secretaries have found DD to be extremely easy to use and would revolt were we to stop the service!! We have encouraged all patients to use this very user friendly appointment tool and the feedback has been highly favourable. Our previous web-based software was no match for DoctorDirect.

We have an integrated link from DD to our billing agency module so our physicians can immediately complete and monitor their own billings with a couple of clicks. This feature has reduced resubmissions and increased MD efficiency. We also selected a non-RAMQ billing module for the non-insured services. Once again, it has proven to be very easy to use and has increased revenues and efficiencies for the practice. The technical support is excellent and DD has always encouraged us to provide feedback to integrate important suggestions into their upgrades.

DD costs are affordable for GP’s and the product has certainly made our daily office routines much more efficient. In my opinion, this product should be the standard for family physicians in Quebec.

Brian Gore, MD, Medical Director
Ste Catherine Medical Group. Westmount, PQ

Doctor Direct considerably simplified the workload of our secretary so much that she can now work on tasks that she could barely do before for lack of time. We were even able to avoid hiring a second secretary.

The confirmation, cancellation and change of appointment is easily done with a mouse click which facilitates the scheduling management. It is highly appreciated by the staff and the patients.

Jean Garon
3E-520 Boul. De l’Hôpital, Gatineau,Qc,Canada.
Tél: (613) 369-5111 | Fax:(819) 771-7839

I have been an open supporter of Doctor Direct and discussed that with Dr. Brian Morris and many colleagues.

It is helping in many areas.

  1. It is very useful if we have to change the schedule, much less work for the secretaries.
  2. It has decreased our no-shows by advising the patients before the appointments.
  3. Many patients love it as they can “squeeze in a fast appointment” when they see the opening.
  4. It makes people less dependent on the busy telephone lines and also it frees the lines for important phone calls.
  5. It is very easy to check schedule.

Ivan Rohan M.D.CCFP
Family Physician (new specialty), Montreal

Secretary Testimonials

We have been using DDI in our office for the past 4 years and this online booking system has made my job as a secretary much easier. Here are a few things that DDI has helped me with:

  1. I no longer have to call and confirm the patients’ appointments, the automated system calls to confirm and /or cancel the appointments; the automated phone call will then advise the patients to go directly to the website in order to reschedule their appointment.
  2. I no longer need to create waiting list because patients can go online on a regular basis and look for any cancelled appointments.
  3. It helps me manage the office in such a way that the patients do not have to wait in the waiting room for very long.
  4. I can color code the appointments which allow me to visualize my day much easier.
  5. I no longer need to shuffle through a book in order to find a patient’s appointment. I have access to the entire patient’s history within my agenda.
  6. I am able to keep track of all the invoices generated for each patient. I do not have to go to their paper chart in order to see what he has been billed for.

Patients love this system because they don’t need to contact the office for minor things like booking appointments, confirming or even cancelling their appointments. They are able to do all of this on the DDI website. Another thing that they appreciate is the phone reminders. This system has decreased our no shows to the office. Patients are reminded 48hrs before, allowing them sufficient time to confirm or cancel the appointment. This allows me to spend more time helping the patients and patient care.

Nectaria Mantzoros, Secretary

I have been using the Doctor Direct system now for a little over two years. The speed and simplicity of this system has made my daily life so much easier. The patients at my clinic agree, they can know book and cancel their own appointments in a matter of minutes. One of the best features for me is for example, if one of the Doctors at my clinic has to cancel a day of appointments, it now takes me literally a few seconds to notify all of the patients that were booked. The reason for this is that in one simply step Doctor Direct removes the appointments, phones and emails the patients to let them know of the change that has been made. Before DoctorDirect, I would have had to call each patient myself (which is very time consuming) to be sure they knew that their appointment had been changed or cancelled. I can also adjust each Doctor’s schedule in a matter of minutes whether it be one day or a whole month. Doctor Direct is extremely user friendly; even patients that are not computer savvy find Doctor Direct to be a very simple and effective way to arrange appointments, or to check their Doctor’s schedule to see what days they will be in the office. With Doctor Direct being so efficient I can spend more time on other matters of the office that can’t be taken care of in such a swift manner.

Thank you Doctor Direct.

Karen McIsaac
St.Catherine Medical Group

Patient survey response

DoctorDirect serves over 250,000 patients. In a survey conducted in 2013 we have gathered many testimonies of patients from different clinics using DoctorDirect.com,

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